Website Hosting & Support

Starting a new website can sometimes feel like a daunting prospect, but we are here to simplify the process for you. We ensure that you have complete peace of mind when it comes to providing a home for your website.

 We offer:

  • Excellent website management to ensure that your website operates smoothly without any security concerns. Online presence demands no compromise with security.
    Our websites are built using industry leading Content Management Systems (like Joomla, WordPress etc). These are very well maintained and constantly updated with security and new web technologies. They also have an administration interface for website owners that allows them to easily update, amend and backup their site. We provide a service where we can also perform this maintenance.
  • Servers that are backed-up regularly to ensure data protection, which otherwise can have serious repercussions on a growing business.
  • Reliability of  service by applying rigorous content delivery networks. Consequently your website should be live whenever you expect it to be.
  • Websites that are delivered on our servers. However if you have your own web hosting servers we can check it’s suitability. We take into consideration the target audience and choose servers that are close to your visitors.