Our approach

We strive to maintain a personal approach with you  even before we start on the project. This involves fully understanding what your specific business is about and how best to enable its growth.  For the most successful outcome we encourage a collaborative relationship. We are transparent as possible with our ideas and vision.  Equally, your opinions are valued and we try to take into account any creative input you may offer.

1 – First step

This is when we discuss what your business is and how you want to market it.

  • USP
  • Target audience and current market
  • Goals/vision
  • Logos/branding, social media
  • Possible layout, eg, is it initially just a landing page you are looking for, or something more extensive?

After this meeting we provide you with a quote (either same day or within 48 hours). We can proceed with the project once you are happy with our quote.

2 – Content

In this next stage you provide us with the resources we need for the content.

  • Brand elements including logos, colours, desired fonts, style guideline.
  • Any inspiring artwork or materials eg, business cards, flyers.
  • Text or menu headers

Finalising content won’t stop here, it’s an ongoing process.

It’s very helpful for us if we have a general idea of your vision for the website. Hence, although we are adept with our own creativity, anything that you can offer us in terms of ideas for content & styling etc will aid in the efficiency of the project. The collaborative relationship continues!

3 – Design

Depending on the scope of your project, our initial proof for the design and layout of the website should be ready within  7 to 14 days. We send it to you for your evaluation and suggestions. Of course we are open to any changes or additions you would like to make.

Once you are satisfied with the amendments and we have full approval of the design from you, we proceed with the development of the website.  This may include creating or enhancing social media presence/profiles or developing stationery.

4 – Testing

We begin preliminary testing of the website within 2 to 6 weeks of initial design approval. The size of the project  influences the time scale. However, clients can access the test website on our own server or with their chosen hosting company. The website at this stage is not available publicly and is only for private viewing, so that we can assess any potential problems and address them accordingly. It also enables us to make any necessary improvements.

5 – Payment & Going-Live

We will send you a contract and invoice with a payment schedule after the primary consultation. The total will be divided into 2 or 3 equal payments depending on project turnaround.

  • We request first payment before commencing the design stage. This is so that we can start on the project plan, the evaluation of your current brand elements and the design of your website. This would include any amendments or improvements.
  • Once you have received the design files from us, this initial deposit becomes non-refundable.
  • Final payment is requested after the site has undergone development, testing and is ready to go-live.
  • Your site will be transferred to you and launched once we have received that final payment.
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